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Sway Media is the consulting business of Martin Poole, a media and brand consultant advising broadcasters and agencies on brand strategy, positioning, marketing and promotion. See www.swaymedia.co.uk for more information. This blog contains his latest news and views.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas 2007

My second Christmas as Sway Media rolls around and things continue to grow and blossom and are looking good for 2008. Turnover this year looks like being twice what it was last year and Sway Media currently employs four people - a growth of 100% since this time last year.

I continue to spend a lot of time in Scandinavia although this year my main commute is to Oslo to work with Canal Digital rather than Stockholm as it was last year. Through this work Sway Media has also become a client of Creative Services agency Red Bee which has been an interesting change in dynamic.

One of the most creatively rewarding projects this year has been helping the 24 Hour Museum to redefine themselves and creating a new name and identity for this Brighton based organisation - you can read about this at 24 Hour Museum

New clients this year include:

Virgin Media
BBC Worldwide
SBS Holland
VRT Belgium
24 Hour Museum

To add to the overall client list of:
TV4 Sweden
Canal Digital
BT Vision
The Biography Channel
International Film School of Cologne
Via Worldwide
Einstein Multimedia
Oxbow Media


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